Logiworld’s Anniversary (11.11.2011-11.11.2018)

LOGIWORLD’S ANNIVERSARY (11.11.2011 – 11.11.2018)

Seven years is not too long for a company’s establishment and development. However, it is not too short to display a company’s competence. To those who join in Logiworld’s expansion, seven years means a lot.

On each stage of maturity, Logiworld has faced and experienced plenty of hardship, difficulties, and challenges as well, but thanks to founder’s fierce determination, great creativity and other members’ enthusiasm, Logiworld continues to grow steadily as well as exponentially.

After long journey of bitter-sweet experiences to create Logiworld’s competitive advantages, Logiworld has gained significant accomplishment in improving services and products.
Contributing to Logiworld’s success is the great founder who has make the crucial decision to help Logiworld overcome struggles and group of support personnel.

On the occasion of Logiworld’s seven-year anniversary, Board of Director would like to extend our appreciation for the employees’ the amazing effort.
Hope that Logiworld can stimulate and favor sustainable development.

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