Volumetric & Gross Weight

Based on the world’s transportation and express regulations, parcel’s freight fees is calculated according to its actual weight (also called gross weight) – Kgs or its volumetric weight – CBM. In the limited space, when transporting a parcel which its volume is bigger than its weight, the shipper will transport less parcels; as transporting a parcel which its volume is smaller than its weight, the shipper can load more parcels. Hence, if the parcel’s volumetric weight is bigger than its gross weight, the cost of shipment will be charged on its volumetric weight, or vice versa.

To determine:

  • The gross weight, we weight the parcel
  • The dimensional weight: Firstly, measure the length, width and height of the consignment in centimeter. Then, calculating the volume by multiplication of length, width and height. Finally, divide the result
    + by 5,000 for international express;
    + by 6,000 for domestic express;
    + by 3,000 for road and railway transportation.
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