Welcome to Logiworld

Welcome to Logiworld Viet Nam!!!

LOGIWORLD VIETNAM LOGISTICS LIMITED COMPANY, established in 2005, is a Shipping and International Freight Forwarding Company.

As well as being an International Freight Forwarding Company, we are also a Customs Broker, and offer complete Ocean and air import and export services. We provide sophisticated information solutions and network to minimize risk and improve efficiency.

Logiworld Vietnam has been become one of the well-established freight forwarding companies in Ho Chi Minh City. Logiworld Vietnam focuses on providing the high – quality freight services with the competitive price.

Logiworld Vietnam acts as an intermediary on behalf of importers, exporters or other companies or persons, organizing the safe and efficient transportation of goods.

Logiworld Vietnam has trained all the staff members to be qualified and skilled. Furthermore, we always try to broaden specialist knowledge and propose workable and feasible solutions to our customers.

All in all, we offer the following services:

  • Transportation

+ Air Transportation

+ Sea Transportation

+ Road Transportation

+ Express (Domestic and worldwide express)

  • Import – Export services

+ Logistics

+ Authorized import (or authorized export)

+ Direct import (or direct export)